Artisan Hoodies

Artisan Hoodies

Artisan Hoodies - Green Pixie Hem Hooded JacketWelcome to Mystical Mayhem’s selection of artisan hoodies many of which were special order just for us, well you! Our hoodies are a little different than the usual that you can find in other stores. We pride ourselves on finding the best hippy clothing for our amazing customers and these jackets are no exception.

What is an Artisan?

As artisan is a person skilled in a specific trade that involves making things by hand. For example, all aspects of these jackets are made by hand by some very skilled individuals.Artisan Hoodies

An artisan product is a distinctive product made by an artisan that is made in small quantities not in bulk. Many of our products are made via the cottage industry which is usually families working together from their home or village.

Our Range

We have such a great range here for you with many styles, designs and sizes. From, pixie cut to elaborate embroidery work, we have a little something for everyone.