Cotton Thick weave hooded top with Kangaroo Pocket

Welcome to our range of great looking fair trade thick weave hippy hooded tops with kangaroo pocket. These awesome hippy hoodies are made from the same material as our thick weave cotton ponchos and thick weave cotton jackets. Thick weave cotton is a great weave for helping you to stay once and warm. The weave allows for a nice weight to the festival clothing also which is great.

With varying different colours and pattern placements, each of these jackets really are unique making you individual. Each festival hooded pullover has been made from 100% cotton and have all be handmade with care in India.
The kangaroo pockets are great not only for storing items like your keys and wallet or purse but, is also a wonderful place to pop your hands when they are feeling a little chilly.
Available in 4 different sizes and are suitable for both the ladies and the gents. They really will look great on everyone.
Our thick weave jackets are one of our most popular ranges as they are super diverse and can be worn as casual clothing and can also be worn as smart attire. They look great atop a pair of jeans and even with evening trousers and posh shoes.