Lined Jackets and Hoodies

Lined Jackets and Hoodies

Lined-Jackets-and-HoodiesWhen it comes to having a nice warm jacket we have found that lining plays an important part. Thankfully here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we offer a great choice in both fleece and cotton lined jackets that are perfect for me and women.

Fleece Lined Jackets

Using polar fleece to produce jacket lining is great way to add an extra thermal layer to clothing. Polar fleece is a man made material which is known for it thermal properties. It is nice and soft to the touch and provides a wonderful layer of warmth when sewn into jackets, tops and trousers. All our wool jackets come with fleece lining and a large variety of our cotton jackets also have this lining.

Cotton Lined JacketsLined Jackets and Hoodies

Cotton also makes a great lining for hoodies. It does not have the same thermal properties that fleece has but is does provide a nice touch and a thin extra layer. Cotton lining is really about increasing the quality of finish on the item of clothing, adding the cotton lining really makes for a more superior product.

With lining really adding something special to your hoodie its no wonder we offer a selection of both fleece and cotton lined garments ready to complete your hippy look. Hippie clothing should not just look good but should be nice and comfortable as well, lined jackets really bring that comfort element that we need.