Mexican Jerga Festival Hooded Hippy Baja Top

Mexican Jerga Festival Hooded Hippy Baja Top

Mexican Jerga Hippy Baja Top

Mexican-JergasHippy Jerga’s are an excellent addition to any wardrobe which is why we love them here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.  Bright, colourful, stylish and warm, they really are loved by many, not just us hippies.

However great you think that they look, they feel just as great to wear. They are super comfy and really help to keep you warm.

Origins of the Hippy Jerga

Originating in Mexico and a firm staple item of clothing for Mexicans, jerga’s (pronounced herga) have always been well received..  It was only in the 1930’s that these ace festival baja hoodies could be seen elsewhere. We have the surfers dudes to thank for this.  Californian surfers would take them back home after vising Mexico where they fast became very popular beach wear. Not only were they popular on the beach, they soon became popular all over the world and were being imported all across the globe.


These are Fair Trade Mexican made Jergas (Baja top). Made from Cotton and Acrylic mix they are all hard wearing and look great.
Each jacket has a front kangaroo pocket and hood. These festival clothing hooded jackets are a super great all rounder regardless of your usual clothing preferences. These tops are all handmade and so may vary slightly from each other. All have been handmade in Mexico using quality materials.

Whoever you are and however you choose to dress, Jerga’s really are for everyone. People of all age, race or gender look great in a hippy jerga.