Patchwork Jackets

Patchwork Jackets

Patchwork Jackets

Patchwork JacketsWelcome to Mystical Mayhem’s range of hippy patchwork jackets. Folk just can’t seem to get enough of patchwork and so we bring to you thins fantastic range of patchwork jackets.

What Is Patchwork?

Also known as piece work it is an art form that has been around for centuries. It is needlework which involves sewing different patches of materials together to create something unique. You can pretty much create anything with a little imagination.

Early evidence found in Egyptian tombs and in China suggests that Patchwork Jacketspatchwork was being used at least 5,000 years ago. It seems that its original design was for quilts and warm jackets. As the ages went by, people liked the style and got a little more creative making more and more items from the style and thus patchwork skirts, dresses bags and a whole manner of other wonderful ideas were born.

Our Range of Patchwork Jackets

Patchwork JacketsPatchwork is such a huge part of hippy clothing. Back when hippies started to create their own clothing they would often use clothing bought from thrift and charity stores and then cut them up to use different pieces to make something completely unique. There used to be some amazing pieces of patchwork clothing around. The style seemed to have dipped out but alas, thankfully it is back and we have a great selection of cotton jackets galore.

Whether you are after a light jacket for a breezy summers day or somethingPatchwork Jackets warm and fleece lined, we have it all.
Cotton lined kantha patch jackets with a collar or a long fleece lined hooded patch jacket just to name a few, we have something for everyone.

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