Hippy Socks

Hippy SocksMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing welcomes you to our page dedicated to hippy socks and nothing but. These are something that many of us wear day in and day out. During the day for work and then there are lots of us who have comfy socks for relaxing in.
There really is nothing better than getting into comfy hippie clothes after work (PJ’s), donning a pair of comfy socks and relaxing!

Socks have been around for centuries and thankfully have been adapted over the years. Some of the first pairs made, that have been recorded were made form matted animal hairs. Others were made from animal hide that was wrapped around the feet and then tied. Not that there is anything wrong with these methods but, times change, so does the method for making hippie clothing.

Our Collection

We really do have a great collection of hippy socks here for you. We have ones that are fab for wearing with your day to day clothing and then others that will keep you warm and snug in front of a fire!

Wool – what a joy these are to wear. Made from quality wool which alone would keep your feet warm. To make them that much softer and warmer for you, all of our hippy wool sockies have been fleece lined.
Just to keep you interested, we have 3 different styles for you. Standard which is the size of a regular ankle sock. Long which is around mid calf and then mohair which is the same size as regular just knitted differently.

All of these great hippie socks come in a variety of sizes as we want to make sure everyone can have warm feet. As well as different sizes they come in a vast array of wonderful colours.