Hippy Dungarees | Festival Dungarees

Hippy Dungarees | Festival Dungarees

Hippy Dungarees | Festival Dungarees

Hippy Dungarees | Festival DungareesHippy dungarees | Festival dungarees are the bomb! Well loved in the 60’s the 70’s and well loved now. They dip in and out of so called fashions through the years however,  the great thing about being a hippy is that fashion doesn’t matter. What matters to us is that we love the clothes that we choose to wear and that we are comfortable in our hippy clothing. Being happy and comfortable and not following fashion means that we can wear them whenever we want!

Where Did Dungarees Come From?

The name dungaree originally came from the material that they were made from. Dungaree is the old term used for thick 2/2 weave cotton which was usually coloured blue. This blue thick weave cotton is now referred to as denim. The material was originally used to make hard wearing work trousers and overalls. Over the years however they have become not just for work but for casual wear too. Thank goodness! Also over the years they have been adapted and are now made from a whole range of materials. Happy Days!

Our Collection

This page is where you will find our wonderful range of new and exciting hippie dungarees. This is a new range for us however so as a result of this the collection will continue to expand as and when we find fab new designs.

Each and every pair of our festival dungarees have been handmade with great care and wonderful attention to detail. They are all made from lovely soft materials making sure that you not only look good but feel good too! All are made from great quality cotton and are made for comfort with nice baggy legs.

Here are just some of the ranges that we have to offer;

Patchwork Hippy Dungarees | Festival Dungarees - Patchwork Dungarees

Patchwork seems to be a big hit when it comes to hippie clothing and to be honest I can see why. Usually bright and colourful you are guaranteed a unique item every time. These are made from colourful patches of cotton which have been sewn together to make the arrangements that you can see.


Hippy Dungarees | Festival Dungarees - Om Print DungareesThese Om print dungarees are one of our most popular ranges. They are well loved by the ladies and the gents and folks of all ages. You can dress them up or dress them down depending on the occasion. However you choose to wear them I am sure they will look amazing. We have had several people wear these Om print dungarees to weddings. They really did look great. Each pair features stunning om prints.

Flower Hippy Dungarees | Festival Dungarees - Flower Dungarees

One of our brightest ranges.  One block colour apart from the pockets which are of contrasting colours and feature flowers sewn onto them. Simple but beautiful. So, just to clarify, they are gorgeous!

As a result of the success of these ranges, we now even have acrylic dungarees which will help to keep you nice and warm on the cooler days. Lightweight but thy are soft, cosy and warm.

However you accessorise your hippy clothing and what kind of footwear that you have, our dungarees can be worn casually around the house or even on a night out and special occasions.