Gifts, Incense, Oils, Musical Instruments

Gifts, Incense, Oils & Musical Instruments are just a few of the wonderful things that we have here at Mystical mayhem Clothing. Each and every item under this great category make for perfect embellishments to your own home or even make perfect gifts.

Buying hippy gifts for friends and loved ones is a great way to go to show that you care and that you have put some thought into the gift.
Our hippy gifts are unique and this whole range contains something suitable for everyone.

We know just how much our customers like choice when it comes to things for the home or for gifts and so, we have scoured high and low and have had out supplier look everywhere to find you the selection that you can see here. We have put lots of effort into our ranges of gifts, incense, fragrance oils and our musical instruments. We are always on the lookout so that we can expand all of our collections and give you more choice and, of course, colourful hippy fun!

Our gift range includes items such stunning handmade mosaic mirrors, leather animal money boxes which the kids just love, wooden calendars in varying designs to make your desk look a little cooler and even hippy jewellery. These are all just to name a few and so take a look and brighten someone’s day. That someone can of course be yourself 🙂

We have such an extensive incense range that we are always adding to and have so many different scents and styles for you to pick from. We have the most popular nag champa right through to some more obscure Nepalese rolled incense sticks. There really is a scent for everyone.

Fragrance Oils and massage oils is another of our huge ranges. Our fragrance oils are in such high demand and are very well loved. and to be honest so are our massage oils. The fragrance oils are available in over 20 different scents and the massage oils which can be used in the bath are available in over 15 different scents all of which are good for various ailments.

Our musical instruments bring happiness and joy to so many. We have customers that have bought these who let us know that they think that they are amazing. Bought as gifts or just something new that you want to try, you can get some great sounds out of each and every instrument.