DreamcatchersMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing & Gifts are proud to present our extensive rage of hippy dreamcatchers.

What is a dreamcatcher?

To be effective they should be handmade and are traditionally made using a willow hoop on which a web or a net is woven.
Starting in North America, dreamcatchers were made for children as a talisman to warm off evil or harmful influences. Believed to be an apotropaic magic the magic was soon used to encompass all – adults and children could be protected..

Also known as dream snares, they were used to filter dreams of the local tribes. The good dreams were allowed through however, anything bad that would disturb the sleeper was caught in the web.

Every single Dreamcatcher that we sell here at Hippy HQ is 100% handmade and is fair trade. They are in fact made by a team of 12 lovely ladies. These ladies are mostly semi retired now and enjoy sitting and weaving dream catchers whilst watching the world go by. They work from their own homes because this way they can just make the dream catchers as and when they have time around there busy family life. Work life balance ins important which is why we are very pleased to have the ladies working with us.

We have a great range here for you to choose from and something to suit everyone whatever your tastes. There are even small and colourful hippy dreamcatchers that you can hang from your rear view mirror all the way through to large 30cm dreamcatchers that you can make into a nice centrepiece and focus point of your room. To protect your little ones, we even have dream catchers that are shaped into mobiles that you can hang over your baby’s cot.

However you style your home, we have colours and styles galore, come on in and take a look.