Handmade Leather Money Boxes

Handmade Leather Money Boxes

Handmade leather money boxes – at one time or another we have all owned a money box I am sure. Some of us even still own a money box at this time that we save our coppers or silvers in. Most will have one type of coin in one box and another in well, another. Instead of money boxes as we grow up we use old tins, bottles and I have even seen someone store there coppers in a sock.
Clean I believe.
Time for an upgrade.

These money boxes make a wonderful gift or treat for little ole you.
Our beautiful leather money boxes are all handmade in India where they have been embossed and then painted using hand printing techniques making the wonderful patterns and effects that you will see on all of the money boxes.

Each box has your conventional slot in so that you can pop your pennies through into the main holder. When you want to take your money out it is nice, easy and simple and can be withdrawn by opening the little flap at the bottom which is secured using a popper button.

All of our moneyboxes are so awesome that they are popular not just with the kids but with adults too. In fact I think it is mostly adults that they have been bought for so far.

The leather boxes are available in many different colours styles and designs to suit all and they range from bright blue dolphins through to little snails and tall giraffes. We even have some fab little frogs and rabbits.

The leather that they are all made from is 100% genuine leather which gives for a great look and a great smell too.

Time to replace your standard tins and bottles and replace them with a funky leather moneybox.
Time to get saving!