Handmade Mosaic Mirrors

Handmade mosaic mirrors are a fabulous embellishment to any home and will look great in each and every room. Each and every one of our fair trade mirrors have been handmade with great care in Bali Indonesia.
Each mirror has been produced using individual pieces of cut glass which have been carefully arranged and then cemented together to make the beautiful pieces of art that you see.

Mosaic really is a great way to brighten up an otherwise potentially boring mirror and a great way to brighten up any living space. The options and designs available in mosaic mirrors really is endless which is why we are always trying to find new and interesting designs for you.

Here we have a little something to suit all tastes from large bright mirrors right through to small glittery mirrors. Round mirrors, square mirrors, large mirrors, small mirrors and even novelty mosaic mirrors. If standard shaped mirrors aren’t your thing then you may want to take a look at our shaped mirrors. Hearts for the bedroom and for loved ones or how about an owl or a bee for the little ones?!

These handmade beauties really will liven up any house put in any room. We have even been told that they make a great addition and great decoration for hippy camper vans. Perfect!

The largest mirror that we have at the moment is 30cm diameter and is closely followed by one of our heart shaped mirrors at 29cm x 29cm. These larger mirrors make great art work for your walls and make for a great statement wall.
The smallest mirrors that we have at present are our round 20cm, diameter mirrors. These smaller mirrors are great for those smaller spaces that you have.

Each and every one of our mirrors are checked to ensure that they are of the highest quality to ensure that they arrive to you just perfect and ready to put up.