Bali Silver Silhouette Pendants

Bali Silver Silhouette Pendants – these stunningly beautiful silhouette pendants are made from 925 silver and have all been handcrafted, with great skill and wonderful results, in Bali Indonesia.

These necklaces are all handmade by one family. The head of the family, husband and father, cuts out each silhouette shape, by hand using a tiny jigsaw. Next the cut outs are passed to the wife and mother who refines the silver so that there are no rough or dodgy edges etc. Once each piece has been refined, it is then the job of the 2 sons to buff and polish the silver pendants until they are happy that they are finished. Once happy that they all look as they should, they are then ready for the 925 stamp which has to be verified in a local government assay office.

We have a great selection of necklaces for you here ranging from dragons to the Loch Ness monster and from unicorns to mermaids. Reality or fantasy, it’s all here. Because they are all so gorgeous, they are all presented with a lovely silver chain and anything less just would not do.

Simple yet stunning and stylish is how we would describe our Bali silhouette pendants. They will go well with any outfit as you don’t have to worry about matching or clashing colours or making sure that they match your other accessories. They are also suitable for any occasion. Can be worn at weddings, for date night, your favourite festivals or out and about seeing bands. There is no place that they will not look amazing!

Each piece looks great and is suitable for both men and women and are often bought as gifts, however, there are many that do buy then as a little treat for themselves as to be honest they really are great.