Cornish Pewter Pendants, Necklaces

Cornish Pewter Pendants, Necklaces

Cornish Pewter Pendants & Necklaces – boy do we have the perfect piece of hippy jewellery for you here! Mystical Mayhem Clothing and Gifts are super happy to announce that we are working with a UK based company that are making all of our pewter pendants for us.

Each of these fantastic pendants have been made right here in the UK in the heart of Cornwall.
They are made nice and simply with such care that it really shows in the quality of each and every one.
Each necklace is cast in centrifugal moulds and then finished by hand which is the traditional way. The edging the buffing and the polishing is all done by one person with excellent precision.

Keeping in line with the way Mystical Mayhem feels about the planet and recycling, the pewter that is used to make these necklaces is made from recycled tin.
Yes that’s right, pewter is made from tin. Tin mixed with copper and antimony for its shine and strength. The reason that the tin needs to be mixed with other materials for strength is that on its own, tin is actually a very soft and pliable metal.

Cornwall is well known here in the UK for its mining history that dates back many many years. It was once known to have had many thriving mines which produced an awful lot of business. Although there are no active mines at the moment, the ground is still very rich in tin deposits.

These awesome pewter pendants are all 925 stamped and make wonderful gifts and accessories to any outfit for any occasion and are suitable for wear by both men and women.

We have such a wide collection for you here. You name it and we may just well have it. With animals and flowers galore along with hippy camper vans, Celtic crosses and hearts, we have something to suit everyone. Some of the necklaces are plain pewter whilst others have stones such as moonstone, amber and turquoise on them somewhere. They really are a wonderful treat to behold. Once you have one it will become your favourite piece of hippy jewellery!