Saa Paper Mobiles

Saa Paper Mobiles

Saa paper mobiles are a simple yet stylish and elegant style of mobile. It is the saa paper that makes it so.

What is this paper – well, Saa paper is also known as Mulberry paper as it comes from the Mulberry tree or the sa tree in Northern Thailand. It is the light brown inner bark of the beautiful tree that is used for the paper. Mulberry trees are in abundance in Thailand and are super fast growing which is fantastic as it makes the whole process sustainable. When the branches are cut down for use, they are coppiced so that they regenerate quickly and ready to be cut again the following year. The making of saa paper is rather a huge and well established industry in Thailand.

The process of making the paper sounds quite easy however, I am sure it is not and that the makers are extremely skilled women and men.

Once the inner bark is ready for harvest and has been harvested, first off it is dried naturally in the sun then it is cooked, bleached and beaten. When we say bleached it is a natural bleach. Caustic soda is used as not only does it help to whiten the paper but it also helps break the pulp down faster to make it more pliable. When the bark is beaten it is beaten into a fine pulp. Most of which is done by hand. The paper is then carefully kneaded into balls of varying sizes. Each ball is one sheet of paper and so the size of the ball depicts the size and the thickness of the paper.
Using a wooden frame, usually teak wood, the pulp balls are stretched across the frame and then the frame is placed in a pool of water. Putting the frame in the water helps the stretching process and makes it somewhat easier. Once the frame is covered, the frame is lifted from the water and left to drip dry. Once it has stopped dripping it is placed in the sun to dry fully.

Once dried – there you have your saa paper. The natural colour of the paper is used often for items such as books and writing paper. The paper is often dyed a multitude of colours to suit the needs of many.

Saa paper is a wonderful paper. It looks good and is nice and lightweight making them perfect for our hippy mobile which look great in any living space. Kitchen, bedrooms. You name it and it looks great!