Hippy Style Hair Forks

Hippy Hair Forks and Hair Sticks

Hippy-Hair-ForksHi and welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing‘s range of fab and funky wooden hippy hair forks and Hair Sticks. We have a wonderful collection here for you which are just perfect for all occasions.

What are They?

A hair fork, also known as hair sticks, are rather a simple yet super effective design. A straight stick, pointed at one end which is used to hold hairstyles in place, similar to a hair clip. They can be all different lengths however the most common is usually between 5 & 9 inches.

Hair forks are available in a range of styles – around for thousands of years they used to be seen as a luxury item and as a sign of wealth. Embellished with jewels and often jade, they were the sign of a rich person and could cost thousands to buy.

A hair stick is very similar to the forks and work in the exact same way except that they are not pronged. They are just one straight stick. Adorning with gems and jewels also to show a sign of wealth. hair sticks are a favourite of Geisha’s.

These days, hippy hair forks and hair sticks are much more simple. Unless you are willing to pay a premium for them. The great thing is that now, they can worn by everyone. Ours look wonderful when teamed with your favourite hippie clothing outfit and can be worn anywhere!

Our simple yet stylish wooden hippie hair forks are all handmade in Bali Indonesia. They are made from sustainable wood sources and come in a variety of different hand carved designs. So, whether you are attending a festival or having an evening out in a posh restaurant we are sure these wooden hair forks will add a little something to your outfit.

Hippy clothing, or even alternative clothing it matters not, these beauties will work with it all!