Original Californian Spiritual Sky Incense

Original Californian Spiritual Sky Incense. Spiritual Sky Incense has been a brand for over 35 years and has become one of the most popular incense brands available. These are hand-rolled incense sticks made in West Bengal, India using an original formula. From the most remote times, incense has been cherished by the privileged few for its exotic fragrance. The original aromatic resin was employed in the stately courts of ancient kings. It was the original gift of the 3 Magi. Prized for its medicinal properties, its ability to arouse a myriad of moods, as an offering to meditations, a ritual for purification. In our modern days of congested cities and stale air incense has been found to be a pleasant deodorant for the home and an inspiration for the tired soul. Spiritual Sky have prepared a complete range of perfumed aromas whose daily use
will give character the atmosphere of your home.