Massage and Bath Essential Oils

Massage and Bath Essential Oils

Massage & Bath Essential oils make for a wonderful way to end the day.
These oils are multipurpose and are suitable for giving massages and for popping in the bath.

Why not lie back and enjoy a nice soothing massage given to you using one of our lovely aromatherapy oils or if you have had a stressful day, why not soak into a relaxing bath and add a few drops of an oil of your choice.

The range that we have here at Mystical mayhem Clothing and Gifts is always expanding as and when we find new great oils for you to try.

Each one has been infused with essential oils to make the great blends that you can see above.
Our massage and bath essential oils come in a wide range of blends to suit both mood and purpose and, all of which are safe and ready to use directly onto the skin as they have been specially mixed with a base oil. The base oil used in these is Grapeseed Oil.

Grapeseed oil as I am sure that you can surmise is oil that has been extracted from grape seeds. A nice natural oil. It is used as a base oil as it contains vitamin e which we all know is good for the skin and eyes and, as it is an antioxidant, it is good for the immune system too!

We have oils for pretty much anything and everything here – ladies, feeling super grumpy and need rescuing from PMT we have just the perfect blend of oils in our PMS Rescue that can help soothe you. Need help sleeping then we also have a nice snoozey lavender that can help relax you ready for sleep. We even have oils especially for men such as Mr Cleancut’s shaving oil. See, something to suit everyone’s needs.