Meditation Beads | Mallah Beads

Meditation Beads | Mallah Beads

Lapis-Gemstone-Mallah-Meditation-BeadsFor hundreds of years Buddhists have used mallah mediation beads to help aid the practice of mediation. There are 108 beads per set as the number 108 is a special number in Buddhism as, according to ancient teachings there are 108 invisible threads leading from each person to the divine.

The use of mallah beads is to help focus your mind on the mantra (and nothing else) by moving from one bead to the next as you say the mantra (one mantra one bead then move on), this in turn helps you stay focused only on the mantra and helps clear your mind of all other things. By using these beads in this way you should be able to fall in to a state of meditation easier.

From Buddhists to hippies these beads can help focus the mind to help further the practice of mediation.

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing believe that anyone looking to startWooden-Mallah-Meditation-Beads mediation would benefit from using these beads, we offer a variety of different meditation bead options to suit all budgets including some simple traditional wooden beads as well as more expensive gem stone version.

Whatever you use to mediate we hope you are able to find the calm that comes from practicing this age old discipline.