Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments – aah what a wonderful way to while away time!
Who doesn’t love music or musical instruments?! Weather you play one yourself or just love listening to others play, deep down we all love musical instruments in some way, shape or form. Sometimes it is just for pure fun and enjoyment – those times where you have a good giggle buying a nice noisy toy for a friends kid. A time when you take satisfaction in listening to music being played really badly!
A little evil but true nonetheless.

Mystical Mayhem Clothing and Gifts have sell a fantastic range of hippy musical instruments. All of our instruments are great fun and can be played anywhere. At home, round a camp fire or even at festivals. You name the place and you can play it there. Within reason folks!

Everyone knows that hippy’s like to make a little noise and that some even manage to make a bit of music. You will find that our range of instruments here suit every level of musical talents.
Ok, so we don’t have guitars, drums or violins but, what we do have will not disappoint. Not only do we have noise makers we have great fun makers!

Our collection suits music makers of all ages old and young. Some of the oldest hippy’s make the most mischievous…

We want to ensure that you enjoy playing your instruments as much as we do and so to ensure that you take great joy in what you have, we have scoured everywhere to find you these great looking and great sounding annoyance makers that just about everyone will want to play. Be warned if you own one, be prepared to share!

Just to give you a small idea of what we have – we have guiros galore in the form of oinking pigs, crickets and frogs. We have hooting owls which are sound amazing. We even have Tibetan singing bowls.

Whatever sound you prefer, you are guaranteed great fun whilst learning to play! Fun for all of the family.