Hippy Notebooks

Tie-Dye-Lokta-Paper-Notebook---Open-ExampleWelcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing’s new range of wonderful Tie Dye Lokta Paper Notebooks. These jotters are part of our hippy gifts range and are fun and funky and, a perfect hippy accessory.

A notebook is a book of paper pages that have been bound together. Notepads are used for many purposes including recording notes and findings, doodling and just about anything else that you like. They are also known by the names, note pad, writing pad, legal pad and oft times drawing pad.

More often than not, notebooks have ruled and lined pages however, plain pages are just as popular. In all honesty, plain books offer more freedom and flexibility when it comes to adding content.

Great Hippy Gifts

We do like our notebooks here at hippy clothing HQ and so we decided,why not get some that every hippy would love . Most hippies we know just adore getting a hippy gift of stationary and so, here we are. As well as receiving gifts, there is nothing better than giving a well thought out hippy gift.

Our aim is to expand our range of hippy gifts by adding more and more notebooks as they are so handy. Keep one on your handbag, satchel and some will even fit in your pocket. Have one with you always as you just never know when you may need one.