Throws | Bed Spreads

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing give you a warm welcome to our page dedicated to our wonderful hippy throws.

Here at Hippy HQ we stock some of the finest Indian handmade and hand dyed throws. All of which are made using 100% high quality cotton.
What is a throw?
A throw is a large piece of material that is used as a cover around the home for items such as beds and sofas. Largely used for decorative purposes and are often used to add a splash of colour around the home. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, they are also super practical in respect of protecting items from dust and pet hairs etc.
Uses for Throws
There really is no end to what you can use our hippy throws for – they are so versatile! There is of course its main use and then there are these below.

– Wall hangings: These make for wonderful room decorations when hung from the walls and the ceilings.

– Picnic Blankets: A wonderful wide blanket that can be used to share with friends out and a festival. at the beach or out for the day. They even made great upholstery covers for the home and look great in campers, caravans and even cars.

– Bedspreads: Great interchangeable covers for yours beds. You can change them depending on your mood and it is much easier than changing the duvet everyday

– Curtains: With some tweaking and some lining, our throws can be turned into some very funky curtains. You can be sure that there will be no-one else with the same.

Hippy throws really make a great addition to any hippies life. Not only do they make for a lovely treat but they also make for wonderful well appreciated gifts!