Wooden Calendars

Wooden Calendars

Wooden calendars certainly brighten up any desk. Perfect for the home, the office or just about anywhere really.
These beautiful hand carved calendars are a wonderful way to keep track of the days. Each of these fair trade wooden calendars have been handmade, hand carved and painted in Bali Indonesia by some very skilled crafts men and women.

We have a nice, wide and growing collection for you, so that you, our lovely customers can find just what they are looking for. As well as a little something for yourself, why not choose one of these wooden calendar as a gift. We have been told that they make perfect little pressies for your kids off to uni, a loved one starting a new job or even just because you have a friend who has a love for all things hippy and all things stationary. There is something to suit everyone and all are suitable for just about any reason.

These wooden calendars are great for those of you who are getting a little bit bored of the same old tired paper calendars showing the same pictures year after year of the things that you are not sure that you even like.. Perhaps you buy them for that one amazing picture or buy them because your spouse or your kids like it or even maybe it was bought for you as a gift. Whatever the reason that you have it, look no further as we have some amazing alternatives here for you.

We have styles and designs in all colours and sizes. We have a wonderful selection of animal calendars ranging from cats to elephants and even we even have an octopus as someone asked us for one. Animals not your thing well, that’s ok as we have so much more to offer you. Lighthouse with a pencil storage pot on the side or perhaps a nice little boat. Whatever your tastes we have a lovely wooden calendar here for you.

Most people that own one of our calendars love it to bits and often have more than one. Ok so you cannot write appointments and such on it however, in this day and age we all have a smart phone that we can use or a paper diary of some kind that we carry about or even a Filo Fax .