Wooden Plaques and Wall Hangings

Wooden Plaques and Wall Hangings

Dream-For-Tomorrow-PlaqueHandmade wooden plaques look great anywhere. Made for around the home but can be treated and then they make a great addition to the front of the house or even the garden. Hippyness gets everywhere!

The majority of our wooden wall plaques have been handmade in Bali Indonesia and are made by very skilled men and women who have been making them for years and so really know what they are doing.

Each piece has been handmade and hand carved using one single piece of wood. We have many designs and style available. With regards to the designs, some of the plaques have been made using an etching technique which has been done entirely by hand. They are all then skilfully hand painted.

In addition to our etched plaques we also have a range of lovely plaques which have seriously detailed paintings on. The level of details that these folks can get is pretty amazing, They have some serious skills!
Our range increases often and we are proud of our current range.

Wall Hangings

We also offer a small range of wall hangings not to be confused with our popular throws (which can also be used as wall hangings)