Hippy Bags

Hippy Bags

Hippy BagsWe sell an ever increasing range of festival style hippy bags here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. Our hippy bags come in a variety size, colours and designs.  All of our hippie bags are handmade and have been made in either India or Nepal.

These great looking hippy shoulder bags will brighten up any occasion and any hippy clothing outfit. Depending on your need we have a plethora of styles for you – from small bags to larger rucksack bags.

Types of Hippie Festival Bags

We like to ensure that you have plenty of choice which is why we are always increasing our range to ensure that you get the best of the best on the current market. Here are just a few of the styles that we have to offer you;

Shoulder Bags

Ranging in sizes, shoulder bags are pretty much you standard style bag although, there is nothing standard about the hippie bags that he have here for you.  Bright and bold patchwork, delicately embroidered patterns and soft brushed cotton, we have it all.

Passport Bags

Aptly named as they are rather small and designed to carry your passport in and not too much else. They of course can be for anything that you like.

Rucksack & Bum Bags

Rucksacks and bumbags are your typical festival style bags. Rucksacks to carry you clothes to the festival and the bumbags to carry your bits and pieces around the festival. We have pieces that will match all of your festival clothing ensembles.