Hippy Cashmilon Cashmelon Clothing

Hippy Cashmilon Cashmelon Clothing

Hippy Cashmilon Cashmelon ClothingHere is our collection of hippy clothing made from the wonderfully soft material known as Cashmilon or Cashmelon. Hippy cashmilon material is made from an acrylic and cotton mix. Approximate make up of the cashmelon material is – Acrylic 61%, Cotton 25% and Polyester 14% .

Our collection of cashmelon hippy clothing items are bright, colourful, light weight and warm. Cashmilon has become a real festival clothing favourite due to its light weight and warm nature. Known by many as the blanket fabric as it is perfect material for blankets. Not to mention hippie clothing too.

Mystical Mayhem have a wide range of cashmilon hippy clothing. So, you may have noticed our use of Cashmilon and Cashmelon, this is no mistake. There are currently two ways of spelling this fabric depending on where you have picked up the name from and so we use both for you.

Acrylic Wool Clothing Range

From trousers, tops, dresses and fleece lined hippy jackets, we have a great selection of hippy cashmilon cashmelon clothing here for you to choose from .