Striped Recycled Two in One Dress/Skirts

Striped Recycled Two in One Dress/Skirts

Striped Recycled Two in One Dresses

Striped-Recycled-Two-In-One-Dress-or-skirtMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing welcomes you to our range of Striped Recycled Two in One Dresses. These recycled sari dresses are so versatile that we are sure you will love them.

Handmade in India from recycled sari’s, each dress has been handcrafted with great care and attention.  Due to the handmade nature of these hippy dresses, each and every one is unique. You can be guaranteed that no other person will have the same dress as you. They are all one off, individual pieces. You can really stand out in a crowd knowing that in addition to the great dress you are wearing, you really are the only person wearing it!

What is a Sari?

A sari or saree is an item of clothing from Indian subcontinent. Saree’s are unisex however they are usually worn by women. The word sari is derived from Sanskrit and means a strip of cloth. The beautiful strips of cloth are draped about the body making a skirt and a blouse.  They really are quite something and beautiful too. Can you believe that there are over 80 different ways in which to wear a sari…. In India and Pakistan, Sari’s are regarded as a symbol of grace and so therefore the women wearing them deemed graceful.

You Can Wear Them as a Dress or a Skirt

Each hippie dress is made up of different pieces of various sari’s. Strips of Boho ClothingSari’s are chosen and then sewn together to make our wonderful striped recycled two in one dress/skirts. Because of the way that they are made, you can wear these beautiful items of hippie clothing as either a pretty dress or as a long flowing skirt. The materials used are a mix of silk and viscose so you can have maximum style and comfort.
These hippy festival dresses really do look amazing and can be worn anywhere and for any occasion!

So, in conclusion, this wonderful piece of festival clothing is great value when it can be used in two different ways. What is not to love?!