Tie Dye Hippy Dresses

Tie Dye Hippy Dresses

Tie Dye Hippy Dresses

Tie Dye Hippy DressesOur tie dye hippy dresses help you to stay bright and colourful even on the darkest of days. Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we just love tie dye. We know that many of you lovely hippy folk do too. What’s hippie clothing without a bit of tie dye?!

This method of dying clothing has been around for a very long time. I know many people think that it was invented by hippie folk in the 70’s however this is not true. They just brought it back into view and made it incredibly popular! As a result, we have a great selection available today.

We have a great range of tie dye clothing and our tie dye hippy dresses are one of the most popular ranges. They are nice and bold helping you to make a statement and express yourself.


We like to make sure that you have options here and one of the amazing things about tie dye is that each and every piece is unique. I think that it would be impossible to make 2 pieces exactly the same.

We have several styles of tie dye hippy dresses here for you.

We have one which is what I would call relatively quiet. Mostly black but with splashes of colouring’s across the bottom, front and back. Strapless and made from cotton, they have adjustable straps and nice deep sides. They are great for wearing on their own or, you can wear a nice vest and a pair of hippy trousers underneath.

Next up we have our stunning and versatile dresses that can be worn in 2 different ways depending on what you feel like. Super bright with bold patterns these dresses are a favourite. These strapless cotton dresses can be worn long and straight which looks beautiful or, you can creates a wonderful ruffled effect. The ruffled effect is great for days when you are feeling a little more extravagant. However you feel and what ever your mood, they will make you feel great!