Hippy Hats, Headbands and Hair Forks

Hippy Hats, Headbands and Hair Forks make a wonderful accessory for any occasion and for any time of the year and can be worn by all.

Hats have been around for years, since about 3,000 BC actually. Although there are no official records before this time, archaeologist believe that the 26,000 year old Venus of Brassempouy depicts a hat and not actually a hair style as first thought. There are hundreds of different styles around the globe and with many different purposes. Some are designed as part of a uniform such as hard hats, some are made for certain scholastic celebrations like the graduation mortarboards and some, like what we have are designed to keep your head wonderful and warm and to look amazing. We also have some fantastic summer hats too.

A headband is a brilliant accessory for those who do not like to have their whole head covered as it is basically a band of fabric that is work around the head leaving the top open. Our bright and colourful range are very popular with skiers and snowboarders although they are liked and worn by many others too!

For at least half of the year, it is not the weather for head gear and so how to accessorise, with a hair fork of course. Designed to help to keep hair from your face whilst adding a touch of class. They can be used in a variety of different ways and an most hair lengths.

Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we are proud of our collection of head accessories. We have something for all seasons and to suit all tastes not to mentions something for the kids too. We like to cater for everyone where we can.