Hair Bands

Hippy Hair Bands

Hippy Hair Bands - Knitted Cotton Hair BandsHair band or head bands which ever you call them, here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we have a great section for you. These cotton head bands are very popular  and are great at helping hippies keep their long flowing or dreaded hair out of their faces.

They are inexpensive and and  are available in a great many colours. From knitted cotton to soft striped cotton you can choose your style. We have several different lengths of head bands available, the standard and long varieties.


Great hippie clothing accessories can really make an outfit pop and come together. Practicality and style, what more can you ask for?!

Knitted Cotton – these multicoloured hippy hair bands come in not only a host of colours but in different lengths too.
You have the short version which is great for popping on you head as a headband to keep your hair from your face.
Then. you have the longer version which can be used in several ways. You can use as you would the small one and pop over your head as a headband, you will have to double it up most likely. You can also use is as a hair tie if you have nice long hear or dreads. They are also great for wrapping around your wrist in case you need it at a alter stage.

Striped Cotton – also available in varying colours, these bands are so Hippy hair Bands - Striped Cotton Headbandspretty. The have an elasticated back to them which gives maximum staying power when it comes to keeping it in place and keeping the hair from your lovely hippie faces.

Used by the ladies and the gents they are a great find.

We hope to have a wider selection of these hippy hair bands soon so, watch this space.