Hippy Hair Forks and Hair Sticks

Hippy Hair Forks and Hair Sticks

Hippy Hair Forks and Hair Sticks

Hippy Hair Forks and Hair SticksLove putting your hair up but want an inexpensive and stylish way to jazz it up some ? Well, look no further than Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. We recently started selling theses fantastic wooden hippy hair forks and hair sticks and they are going down a storm with all genders.

These great hippy style hair accessories are handmade in Bali Indonesia and are a great way to jazz up your outfit. Whether you are going to a festival or out for a nice dinner these wooden hair treats look great.

What are They?

In a nutshell, hippy hair forks and hair sticks are straight pieces of carved wood with a point on the end. Available in varying lengths they are used to hold a hairstyle in place. Or, to jazz up and add decoration to your hair once it has already been styled and secured.

They have been around for centuries and re used all across the globe. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. An example is that the ancient Egyptians used to have them made of gold.. Beautiful I am sure but heavy…
They are still commonly used in Japan and are stunning. Often ornately adorned with jewels such as jade they are a sight to see. Some of the Japanese used to have them made into weapons that would always be at hand.

Our Collection

We have a lovely, ever growing collection here for you.

Hair forks – they come in over 20 different styles and vary from 2 prongs up to 5. We have classic designs such as the lotus leaf and Om however we also offer some slightly ore abstract designs. Men, dragons, butterflies and trees, we have something for everyone.

Hair Sticks – just as well loved as the forks however, as the name suggests they are just one prong, a stick in designs.  Depending on what you like we have some great sticks here. From plain to dangling crystals, feathers and moulded metal, you ca be sure to find something that will suit your needs.

They make great gifts and also great accessories to your hippie clothing.