Rimmed Hats

Hippy Rimmed Hats

Hippy Rimmed HatsWelcome to our selection of hippy rimmed hats. Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we absolutely love hats which is why we have so many different types for you. Our rimmed hats are some of our customers’ favourites.

These fantastic colourful hats are great for keeping the sun off your head when you are out and about. Not only are do the suit a purpose but, they look pretty sweet as well. You can wear these hats anywhere and everywhere.

Reminiscent of the 90’s they will bring many of us back to the times of raves and such. For the younger generation amongst us, they will no doubt be worn to many of the same kinds of gathering. Raves, festivals, you name it and these hippy rimmed hats will be present. They look great with all of your hippie clothing.

We are sure they will go down well with both men and women so have a look and see what you think.


Bright Multicoloured Patchwork – these are without a doubt the mostHippy Rimmed Hats - Thai Patchwork Hats popular style of rimmed hats that we stock. They seem to sell out almost just as fast as we can get them in. Made from 100% cotton, these fantastic hats are a hit in the summer time. The bright patches are a whole host of colours and can be plain, patterned and even embroidered. It varies as each individual hippie hat is handmade. You can be sure through that each one is different.

Hippy Rimmed Hats - Gheri Cotton HatsGheri Cotton – the style of these lovelies is a nice thick weave cotton.  Mostly striped in pattern but a mix of colours. Rather than multicoloured they tend to be a few different colours but many shades. These are a little less bright than the patchwork ones. They are just as awesome however!

Soft Cotton – made from a wonderfully soft cotton in an array of colours, these trilby style pieces of head wear are also one of our popular ranges. With the patterns ranging from stripes to check they are certainly eye catching.

One of the great features of these is that the rims are rounded much like the inner tube of a bicycle giving them all a unique look.

We have a few different styles here for you to choose from so, pick the one that you think will suit you best. Make your hat collection the envy of your friends!