Sun Hats

Sun Hats

Hippy Sun Hats

Hippy Sun HatsWelcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing‘s range of beautiful summery Hippy Sun Hats. These gorgeous and colourful hats just scream warm days and summer time. We have a great collection for you.  Although sun hats are predominantly designed with women in mind, our hippie sun hats are so diverse that they can be worn by all genders.

So, what makes a sun hat different from all the rest? Well as well as being designed to shade the head and face from the sun, they are also made to shade your shoulders from the sun too! They were originally designed centuries ago for those doing field work to protect workers who were out in the sun all day long. The styles have been adapted across the years however the principals have stayed the same. Protect the head, neck and shoulders.

Here are a few of the sun hats that we have on offer for you;


Hippy Sun Hats - Hemp Hats

100% natural hemp.  If you like help clothing then you will just love our natural hemp hats. Each and everyone has been hand made with great care and so look amazing. These hemp sun hats will look great and make you the envy at all festivals. We hope to increase our range of hemp festival hats so watch this space.


Hippy Sun Hats - Patchwork HatsThese beautiful cotton patchwork hippy sun hats are one of our most popular ranges. Big, bright and colourful you can see why. Made from quality patches of material, some plain, some patterned and some embroidered. The patches are hand sewn together and the hat is then lined. Each hat is unique – you will find no 2 the same.


Because everyone loves a little crochet. These beauties come in a variety of colours from plain block colours through to multicoloured rainbow.  handmade in Indonesia with great skill, these hats are not just plain crochet but are patterned.

All of our hats come with a nice wide floppy rim which can be adjusted to suit the angle of the sun.
Add a great sun hat to your hippie clothing collection today.