Wool Hat Collection

Hippy Wool Hat Collection

Hippy Wool HatsOur Hippy wool hat collection offers such a wide range of warm hats for you. They are an absolute must for all hippies when the weather starts to take a turn for the worse. The cold days and even colder evenings can be made so much more bearable with a nice warm woolly hat!

With a range available to suit everyone including the kids, we have you all covered.

We have such a fab wool hat collection here for you at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. You will be hard pressed just to choose one that you like but, there is nothing wrong with having more than one hat however.

Over the EarHippy Wool Hat Collection

These hippy wool hats are wonderful and warm. Made from quality dyed wool, each hat is styled to have flaps that come own and cover the ears. This alone would keep you warm however, we have added fleece lining to make them extra cosy for you. They come in over 50 different colour styles.

Trapper Hats

Hippy Wool Hat Collection - Sherpa Trapper HatsAlso called sherpa hats as they are styled on hats that the Nepalese sherpas wear when in the mountains. These big, thick wool hats are the epitome of warmth. With a big front and flaps that pull down over the ears there is no chance that your head will get cold wearing one of these. The ear flaps can do up via popper button under the chin if needs be. If you start to get a little warm however, the hat is thick enough that you can just pull the flaps up and they will stay nice and secure. Throw in some fleecey lining and you have a very happy hippie.

Recycled Silk

Just to add a little diversity to the range. We have a wonderful selection of hats that have been made from a mix of wool and recycled silk. Each hat has dread style tassels at the back which hang down. These hats are nice and roomy but don’t be fooled, the fleece lining means that they are still nice and warm. Available in many colours and due to the materials used, each hat is unique.

Well, there you have some of our hippy wool hat collection.  99% are fleece lined to ensure maximum warmth.
We have all of the colours of the rainbow and then some. As a result, there is something to suit even the boldest of tastes.

Plain or silly, our hippy wool hats are perfect for all occasions at any time for the year. Our hats make great additions to your hippie clothing collection.