Long Skirts

Long Hippy Skirts

Long Hippy SkirtsLooking for something a little bit different, something unique? Look no further as here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing, we pride ourselves on sourcing some truly unique skirts. Whether you are looking for something for a special occasion or just something swooshy, we have something for you.


One of the first long skirts was discovered to date back to 3,900BC and was made of straw. It was found in an Armenian cave system. Back in those Om Balloon Skirtstimes throughout the world although commonly in Egypt ad the East, skirts were worn by both men and women. They were practical and helped to keep folk cool. Skirts on men are still common to this day in the east however not something seen often in our Western culture. We do know a few hippie gents that wear them on occasion though and they look great!


Variety is the spice of life and so, this is the reason we have a great and ever growing range of long hippy skirts for you to choose from. When we say variety, we not only mean the style but also the materials too. We have a smorgasbord of skirts for you, skirts that you can wear all year round.

Acrylic SkirtFrom silk to keep you cool on a warm day right through to blanket style acrylic to keep you warmer on the cold days. Straight hem, pixie hem, patchwork and embroidery, we have such a selection. There are even some that double up as dresses. This means that you can chop and change depending on the need or your mood.

When you buy a long skirt do you consider how they fasten? We know that this is another area where variety is key. Which is exactly why we have choices for you.  Wrap skirt which tie at the waist, buttons on the side and even elasticated waist bands – you choose what you like the most.