Recycled Sari Skirts

Recycled Sari Skirts

recycled-sari-skirtsThese unique pieces of hippy clothing come direct from India where the clothing of choice for most women is the Indian sari (also said saree), these head to toe garments use a lot of material and are usually made from silk or high quality viscose. Throwing such a lot of high quality material away would be crazy so instead they are recycled into new items of clothing including sari skirts and dresses.

Hundreds of thousands of sari’s are recycled each year and it has become a massive industry. Many of the used garments are still in perfect condition but were only warn a few times (weddings, birthdays and special events) or were changed out due to changing tastes in style.

So what happens with the Sari’s?

Once the material has been donated or sold to merchants they are washed and then checked for imperfections and trimmed of any issues. The materials are then sorted based on size of material where they can then be cut into designs ready for the seamstresses to get sewing. Brand new items of hippie clothing are produced ready for a new life.

These Recycled Sari Skirts are a great choice for anyone that loves unique clothing that is also produced in a sustainable way. The fact that these items are made from recycled sari’s means that the material gets a new way of life instead of finding its way into landfill.