Hippy Style Waistcoats

Hippy Style Waistcoats

Hippy Style WaistocatsMystical Mayhem are proud to stock some great looking Nepalese cotton waistcoats. These hippy style waistcoats come in an array of different colours. With varying styles too, they are just perfect for men and women alike. We currently stock several different varieties which include; striped, pattern printed, patchwork and a few embroidered pieces. These undercoats really do make a great well loved addition to any hippy clothing wardrobe.

At present our collection of waistcoats are produced by hand in Nepal and India. Here they are carefully crafted to be of high quality and stunning uniqueness. Each item is lined with cotton and finished with style in mind.

Embroidered Waistcoats

Our embroidered hippie waistcoats make for excellent items of festival clothing. Using embroidered designs to create a wonderful contrasting design these items are certain to turn heads and get you noticed, these beauties are a firm favourite amongst the pagan hippy folk. We have both green man and pentagram varieties which both look great on the plain back background.

Printed Pattern Waistcoats

Each of these comes with lovely printed patterns. The patterns have been block printed. Block printing is when a pattern has been carved into a piece of wood which is then dipped in coloured ink and pressed onto the garment in question. The blocks can be reused and so after the initial carving the process is quite fast and creates a very effective and striking look. These undercoats are very popular for special occasions such as weddings as they can easily pass as evening wear with a twist.

Striped Waistcoats

These bright and colourful garments really stand out in a crowd. Made from a 100% cotton these hippy waistcoats are available in many different colours and sizes. Striped patterns have been around for many a year and the reason is simple. The contrasting stripes of colour create a easy on the eye and stylish garment which can be worn with many items. We think stripy clothing will be around for a long time as it’s just so versatile. But, if stripes aren’t your think, we have plenty others for you to chose from.

Patchwork Waistcoats

You can’t get more unique than patchwork clothing however hard you try. The reason is simple really, all the material is going to be unique as its generally considered quite hard to match up exact pieces of material. Not impossible but, very difficult. This is great for our customers as it means we are able to provide very unique items where you get to pick the exact item you like from our great selection. However you choose to dress, choose unique.