Tube Gloves & Wrist Warmers

Tube Gloves & Wrist Warmers

Hippy Tube Gloves & Wrist Warmers

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing is pleased to present to you our range of funky tube gloves & wrist warmers. These hippy woollens are an absolute must for keeping your hands lovely and warm.

Each and every pair of these wrist warmers have been handmade in Nepal. As they have been made in Nepal you can be sure of excellent quality materials and craftsmanship.

What are they?

Tube gloves & wrist warmers are knitted sleeves that you place over your hands which extend so far up your arm, or wrists. These knitted pieces are tube shaped hence the name, tube gloves. The name really does tell you what they are.

These wool wrist warmers are all handmade and have been made from New Zealand wool and finished with polar fleece lining. Slide the sleeve over your hand and you will find a hole for your thumb. These deliciously warm tube gloves & wrist warmers are a great addition to any festival goers kit. Also great for anybody who works in a warehouse or outside but still needs to use their fingers. Wherever or however you work you can jazz up every day with a pair.

Each pair of these tube gloves & wrist warmers are all handmade therefore, this means that each and every pair will be slightly different.


In conclusion – hippy tube gloves and hippy wrist warmer are a wonderful way to add warmth to your festival clothing and to keep you looking awesome!