KaftansWe have a lovely selection of hippy kaftans here for you to look at that we are constantly adding to. The more we can get means more choice for you guys.

Kaftans are a variation of a tunic or a robe. Around for thousand of years, kaftans are in use all throughout the world to varying degrees. Depending on the culture they have acquired many different names, style and and purposes. For example; Persians wore them as a robe of honour whereas, sultans in the Ottoman Empire used to wear them as a status of wealth and position. Adorned with magnificent patters, colours and gems, the more that you could fit on the better as this showed just how wealthy you were.

My guess is that it had nothing to do with comfort which is one of the reasons that we wear them today and why they are a staple part of hippy clothing and most definitely of any festival clothing you may have.

Kaftan Materials

Kaftan Example Blue Flowers

These beautiful kaftans are all made from 100% cotton and have all been handcrafted in Thailand. Available in many different styles and colours so that we have something to suit all tastes.

Also handmade in Thailand except although not made from cotton. Our rayon kaftans of course are made from the lovely, soft and silky feel rayon.

Ways to wear your Kaftan

There are many ways to wear a kaftan and they can be worn for many occasions as is the case with most hippie clothing. Please remember that men also love these garments, in particular the cotton range is perfect for men. Men may prefer to wear these items around the home or at a festival.

Great for keeping cool in the summer, you can wear them however you like. You can laze around the house and the garden in nothing but your favourite hippy kaftan or, you can wear one over some jeans or the bottoms of your choice. The choice is yours, wear your festival kaftans as you like – the options endless. Depending on the style of kaftan that you have, it can be worn as a dress. When accompanied by a lovely pair of shoes this can look stunning and will make you the envy of so many when out for dinner or a special occasion.