Kids Clothing

Kids Hippy Clothing

Kids Hippy ClothingA fan of hippy clothing and want to see a range of kids clothing? Well, welcome to our range of hippie clothing just for kids. Here you will find our range of kids hippy clothing. This is something that our customers have been asking us for and we are proud now to be able to deliver!

This collection is a work in progress and we hope to be adding more for you soon. We are on the look out for new and exciting clothing for your little ones. Watch this space!

Kids Clothing Range

We are trying to get a nice wide and diverse Kids Hippy Clothing - Kids Striped Ali Baba Trousersselection for you. From ali baba trousers all the way through to tie dye t-shirts and wool jackets, we want the kids to have just as many options as us big hippy’s. Just because they are little doesn’t mean that they should be able to look just as cool. To be honest the little un’s look soooo good in hippy clothing.

Kids Hippy Clothing - Kids Multicoloured Ripped Look Patchwork Hooded JacketAge Range

At the moment we are only able to source clothing from age 2 – 8 which covers a quite a few ages.
2-4 years, 4-6 years and 6-8 years.
We will add more just as soon as we can find some that are available.