Pixie Hooded Jacket and Tops

Pixie Hooded Jacket and Tops

Pixie Hooded Jackets and TopsMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing has found some fantastic looking pixie hooded jackets and tops. Pixie hooded stuff is quite hard to find so we thought we’d bring you what we’ve managed to get our hands on.

A pixie hood is different to your standard hood as it is much longer. Instead of being rounded, pixie hoods are pointed with a funky tail on the end. The hoods usually tail down to the waist of there about.

Styles of Pixie Hooded Jacket

We have many a style of pixie hooded jacket here for you in our hippy clothing store which means that you have plenty to choose from.  These pixie style jackets are a firm favourite at festivals and to be honest, anywhere and everywhere else.

Depending on the weather, we have pixie jackets to suit all days. From cotton, to acrylic and even wool, whatever the temperature we have you covered.

Make one of these bright and colourful pixie hooded jacket part of your festival clothing collection today.