Cotton Ponchos

Cotton Ponchos

Cotton Ponchos

cotton-PonchosMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing welcomes you to our page for our brilliant cotton ponchos.

These heavy cotton hippy ponchos are sure to help keep you warm.  Made from a lovely and thick weave cotton these ponchos really do look great

What is a poncho?

A poncho is a great piece of hippy clothing designed to keep the body warm. It is an outer garment. This means that it is an outer layer that you would wear on top of the rest of your clothing.
Originating in South America these were originally worn by native Americans in places such as the Andes and Peru.

There are different types of poncho. The main 2 being the ones that we have here at Hippie Clothing HQ. One is for warmth and the other, designed not to keep you warm but to keep you dry. You will probably have seen these around usually black, bright yellow or see-through. You may have even used one yourself when trying to keep your favourite festival clothing dry when out and about.

Our wonderfully warm ponchos

Each fabulous hippy poncho comes with a big nice big hood to help keep the back of you neck and your head warm and, a kangaroo front pocket.  The kangaroo pockets are just great for keeping your hands warm and for storing little bits and pieces for those of you who don’t want to carry around a bag or pop all of your bits on your pockets.

There are also wooden toggles leading from the chest to the neck, I guess so that you can let in a little air if they keep you too warm. In addition to the toggles, there are little ties under the arms so that you can tie your poncho for extra added security. You could just leave them untied and let it hang free if you prefer as the weight of the poncho will help it hang.

These ponchos are handmade and so each one is slightly different making for a nice and unique item. All are handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton.