Acrylic Ponchos

Acrylic Ponchos

Acrylic Poncho

Our acrylic ponchos are made from a wide range of different coloured acrylic materials. The acrylic makes them light weight and easy to fold into a small parcel. This makes them easy to store when travelling around festivals.

These ponchos fit into your bag a lot easier than one of our cotton ponchos. Because of the lighter weight this means that they are also easy to carry. These acrylic ponchos are so soft and snuggly that once you put it on you will not want to take them off!

We have been advised that they also make amazing blankets that you can share with a friend. Which makes a great piece of hippie clothing that doubles up as another handy item ready to take to your favourite festival. Acrylic Ponchos

Although these ponchos are lightweight, don’t let this fool you into thinking that they are not warm because they are. Over here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we own quite a few and they are just perfect.