Hippy-SarongsWelcome to our page dedicated to all things sarong. Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we really do love a good sarong. They are truly great and have varying purposes.

A hippy sarong is a great addition to your holiday wardrobe for those days when you are relaxing on the beach or by the pool. Great too for spa days, lounging around the house or dressed up for an exotic evening out. Mixed some alternative festival clothing, these sarongs will look amazing.

What is a sarong

A sarong is basically a long piece or material that is most commonly wrapped around the waist. Having been around for many, many years they have seen many variations. Traditionally, sarongs were either striped or checked in pattern but were soon adapted to have the batik style. Batik is a wax-resist dying technique where dots of wax are applied in varying patterns and then dye is applied to the material. This is done over and over again to get the desired effect.

Sarongs are worn all across the globe and have varying purposes. In Si Lanka they are very common however they are worn only by men and are known as sarong skirts and, in India, they are worn by all buy usually only for religious purposes.

Here in the western world however, they are now seen as a player in the festival clothing market, worn over beach wear or part of the hippy clothing fashion.

Types of Hippy Sarong

Here are hippy clothing HQ, we have some amazing festival sarongs for you to choose from. All of our hippie sarongs have been handmade making them all wonderful. Some have been handmade in India and others in sunny Thailand.

Worn by both women and men, our sarongs come in a variety of bright and bold colours, designs and styles. Whether you like Elephants, fish, flowers or some lovely random hippy patterns we have you covered plus so much more. You could have a different sarong for each day of the month should you wish, we have that many on offer.