Hippy Snoods

Hippy Snoods

Hippy Snoods

Hippy SnoodsThese beautiful woollen hippy snoods are guaranteed to help keep you nice and warm on the cold days. Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we decided to bring in a range of colourful snoods just for you. It has come to light that not everyone likes to wear a scarf. Each to their own we say and, individuality is key to being happy in life.

These are so soft and snuggly that you won’t want to take it off.

What is a Snood?

Hippy snoods are essentially a scarf just made differently. However instead of being one piece of material in a long strip, they have been sewn at the ends to make a circle. The material is not as long as it would be if it were open ended. But as I am sure you can appreciate it would be too loose a fit if it were.
Snoods are well loved as you can just slip them over your head and away you go. No faffing trying to get to to sit right or trying to tuck it into your jacket. They also offer multi purposes. Whilst they are over your neck, you can pull the material up over your head too to keep you a little warmer.

Our Hippy Snoods

All of our range have been hand made in Nepal from 100% quality wool. As a result of this they really and truly are lovely, keeping you warm during the cold snaps.. We have different sizes and the wool varies in style and thickness. Which type that you choose is entirely dependant on your needs and what you like.
Rainbows, snowflakes or just your standard knit pattern, we have plenty for you to choose from.

In conclusion, snoods are a wonderful winter accessory.