Sari Scarves

Sari Scarves

Hippy Sari Scarves

Hippy Sari ScarvesWelcome to our range of hippy sari scarves. These scarves are a wonderful accessory that will not only help to keep the chill from your neck but, they can also help to make an otherwise simple outfit pop. Simple yet stylish. Hippy clothing can by no means be called boring. Even though this is one of our more toned down ranges, they are well loved because they are so beautiful!

Made from the same material used to make traditional sari’s no two scarves are the same. They are truly unique and because they are unique they are special. You will be wearing something that no-one else has!

What is a Sari?

A sari is a type of garment worn by women from the Indian subcontinent. It is a very long strip of cloth that is draped very specifically around the body. There are several different types that are used and that are made from a range of materials. We use a mix of all of them. From plain to to embroidered in a whole range of colours. Most sari’s these days are a blend of silk and polyester which is why they feel so lovely.

Our Hippy Sari Scarves

These soft and silky feeling scarves really are a treat to wear. They look and feel great.  However you like to dress I am sure that we will have a scarf that you will like. You don’t have to wear hippie clothing to appreciate and love these scarves so no need to be shy!
We have pretty much all the colours of the rainbow. Some block coloured and some all mixed in. As a result, we have plenty to offer you.

Handmade and fair trade these scarves make for wonderful gifts.