Shirts are something that are worn by both men and women pretty much all of the time. Day in and day out. Often when people think of them, they think of collars and buttons however a shirt comes in many forms.
Dress shirts, grandad shirts, t-shirts & blouses amongst many more. Shirts just seems to be the all encompassing name for most tops really.

Dictionaries describe a shirt as an item of clothing that has been made for the upper body.
Pretty much anything then!

According to historians, the world’s oldest preserve piece of clothing was a shirt, made from linen and very well made. Shaped to allow the wearer comfort and room to move whilst looking good. It was found in an Egyptian tomb c 3000 BC.

Here at Mystical Mayhem Clothing we have wide and wonderful range for you to take a look at. All have been handmade and come from a range of countries such as Nepal, India and Thailand. A top from any of these places and you can be sure of their excellent quality. Many have been made from soft cottons whilst some have been made from Rayon. We have a nice range of materials here for you, depending on the style that you choose.

We cater for both men and women and to be honest many of what we have for you can be worn by either or. They don’t mind and they simply look great.
It all depends on what you like but we really have something for everyone and for every occasion from casual patchwork hooded shirts through to smart, but very funky, button down. From bright and colourful long sleeved embroidery pull over tops through to short sleeved tie dye t-shirts.
We have Thai patterned opened back hippy blouses and even some beautiful tropical patterned tie crop tops.

Come and take a look and see for yourself.