Gringo Patchwork Hooded Shirts

Gringo Cotton Patchwork Hooded Shirts

Gringo-Patchwork-Hooded-Hippy-SihirtsWelcome and come on in to our hippy clothing page dedicated to our fabulous Gringo Patchwork Hooded Shirts. We love these hooded shirts here at Mystical Mayhem. They are one of our favourite ranges.

Hooded Shirts

However you look at it, a hooded shirt is essentially a thinner, shirt version of a hoodie. Some people frown upon hoodies associating them with crime however, they have been around for centuries. The garments style actually dates back to Medieval Europe when monks would have a hood, or what they called a cowl, on their tunics and robes. Hooded robes and hooded shirts were the everyday norm for the monks and were standard daily clothing.

Hooded shirts and sweatshirts started being mass produced in the 1930’s when they were being worn by athletes and sportsmen to keep them warm when they were stood at the sidelines. High School varsity teams started wearing them in the US and then started giving them to their girlfriends to wear. This trend caught on which led to hooded shirts being worn recreationally .

Mystical Mayhem Shirts

We of course wanted to put a hippy spin onto shirts which is why we have added the Gringo Patchwork Hooded Shirts to our collection.  Each and every shirt is unique as they are all handmade. Made in Nepal, they have been made up of patches of cotton which have been hand sewn together to make these funky hippy shirts that you see on our site. The different coloured cotton patches have printed hippy patterns on them making for a super cool design.

Hippy festival clothing is worn by both men and women. These Gringo patchwork hooded shirts are just perfect for both. They really do look great on the ladies and the gents and on folk of all ages.

Our hippie clothing range really does incorporate as many different unique items as we can find, and patchwork is at the top o f the list when it comes to unique handmade clothing.