Hippy Tunics

TunicsWelcome to our page dedicated solely to the wonder that is hippy tunics.
We have such an amazing selection for you here at Hippy Clothing HQ with so many more on the way. Whether you want bright and colourful or earthy and neutral, we have something for everyone.

What is a Tunic

A tunic is a garment that is worn on the upper body that is simple is terms of shape/style with a length usually anywhere between the hips and the knees. Not a particularly fitted garment although the shape is very flattering.

Tunics Around The World

The word tunic is derived from the Latin word tunica which was the garment favoured by the Romans, the men and women, as it was long enough to cover the wearer’s waist.

Around for centuries, tunics were then, and are now, worn by both the ladies and the gents.  Most famously known as a garment of choice in Ancient Rome it has however been seen all around the globe.

Tunics are very popular in India and are called Kurta’s. A kurta is usually Tunicsembellished with some kind of intricate embroidery work or beading.
They can be wither similar to the style that we have here in the West for the ladies or, the gents tend to wear a longer style tunic which reaches the feet.

The style of course have been adapted over the years and the further west that they come. Of course in the style of true hippie clothes they have been adapted further to include bright colours and bold patterns.

Our Collection

And what a collection it is, even if we do say so ourselves. We have tunics inspired from here, there and everywhere.

We have African Dashiki style tunics & Indian Embroidered Kurtas along with many others to choose from. Plain or patterned, come and take your pick!