Hippy Shorts

Hippy ShortsHippy shorts are cool and comfortable pieces of hippy clothing. Perfect when you are outdoors under the summer sun, on your holidays or at home. There are some folk who wear shorts 24/7 all year round and so, why not do it in style with some of our great shorts.

We have a great variety of hippy shorts for both men and women. In all honesty they can be worn by anyone and everyone. It all just depends on your style and what you are comfortable wearing!

Men’s Shorts

Male clothing isn’t always the easiest to come by but fear not, we have your  summer wardrobe sorted. With a great range for you, you really are spoilt for choice. As a result we have shorts for every day of the week and then some.

We have plain ali baba which sit just below the knee (depending on how tallPlain-Black-Ali-Baba-Shorts---Front you are of course) and have a nice low crotch. Perfect for letting the air circulate. The bottoms are elasticated to hold them nicely in place.

If the harem style isn’t your thing then we have some fantastic thick weave in varying colours. Don’t forget patchwork galore with plenty of pockets right through to out lightweight rayon elephant print.

Ladies shorts

Purple-Tropical-Shorts-with-Pom-PomsMuch like for the men, we have a great selection here for you. Our Thai collection is really very popular as they feature wonderful patterns. They are available with either lace or pom poms around the bottom hem and they really do look fantastic.

In addition to the pom poms and lace we also have some beautiful elephant print trousers which come in at least 6 different colours.

One great thing about being a hippie chick is that we can get away with wearing the men’s collection too meaning the ladies range of hippie clothing is somewhat limitless. Much more so than the men can get away with wearing ladies shorts!

What we have mentioned is just a small selection of the hippie clothing that we have so come on and take a look at the whole range.