Shrugs and Cardigans

Shrugs and Cardigans

Shrugs and CardigansWelcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing page dedicated just to hippy shrugs and cardigans. Oh, don’t forget our hippy kimono’s too!

What is a shrug?

Just in case you are not sure – shrugs are essentially cropped garments that are styled like cardigans. Shrugs can have either long or short sleeves can be made out of pretty much any material that you fancy. Generally designed to act as an over garment typically covering only the top of the torso much like a shawl. A  shrug however is a little more tailored.  These stunning shrugs can add another element to your fantastic hippy clothing collection.

Here at our hippy store we have a great selection for you. We have some Bali knit shrugs that have all been hand knitted in Indonesia which come in a wonderful variety of colours. Here our selection contains colours ranging from subtle neutral colours, to some amazingly bright colours. For you, we have a colour to match all of your favourite festival clothes.

We are always increasing our range of shrugs and we have been stocking these beauties since we first opened and they are one of our best sellers all year round.

Hippy Kimonos

So, as well as shrugs, we have just started to stock some beautiful hippie kimonos. A traditional kimono is a Japanese full length garment that is worn for important gatherings and festivals. Although our hippy kimonos are not your traditional floor length version of the gorgeous robes, we have chosen a top which has been styled using the simple T shape of Japanese kimonos. All of our hippy clothing kimonos are made from lovely soft rayon materials and are all handmade in Indonesia.

Many of you may think that shrugs and kimonos are garments for women but that is not the case, our collection look amazing on both men and women alike depending on the style you are going for. You can add a little class to any outfit and they are great for all occasions such as weddings, christenings. dinner dates or even just a day out.